And now…for another readalong


Yes, that’s right. We haven’t even officially put #gangstercats to rest and it’s already time to think on the next readalong. You can blame it on Belle.

Since Belle and I were both in a Murakami mood in February, we plotted to read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle after we had finished with Pet Sematary. Because you know…King…Murakami. It’s a logical progression (just click here for proof…seriously, do not skip the click). And since rumor has it we’re returning to King in June (#miserylovescompany, if I’m not mistaken), it’s time to get crackin’.

wind up 3

This one is going to be super simple (although I might possibly be talked into door prizes again, if there’s more than two of us who are going to read this. I have in mind a race (not a reading race, and don’t worry, not a running race, either), but I need participants!). Other than the fun and games, the goal is to finish the book by May 31st. You can start whenever, although we’re marking the start date as April 15th. (And bonus! The readathon is 4/25, so if you’re feeling all ambitious, you could totally devote that day to this book!! People would even be cheering you on!!! It would be all sorts of fun!!!! And yes, I keep typing sentences just so I can add more exclamation marks!!!!! Still, it would be fun. I will most likely be at work that day, so no fun for me, and therefore, no exclamation marks at the end of this sentence. I know, it makes me sad, too.)

But back to the book! <— Sorry, I guess I’m in an exclamatory mood.

wind up

Goodreads sums up the book as a “heroically imaginative novel, which is at once a detective story, an account of a disintegrating marriage, and an excavation of the buried secrets of World War II.” That’s all I know about it, and that’s all I plan to know about it until I read it. Basically, it’s Murakami…you gotta know you’re in for a wild ride. And if you have no clue what’s going on, at least you’ll be in good company. Right? (Don’t worry, I’ve got Belle as a sidekick, so if you’re worried about an excess of exclamation marks and posts that keep going off on tangents instead of talking about The Book, you can just go hang out with her. She actually writes intelligent posts on a regular basis. I just pop in occasionally to blather on.)

But back to the book! Again!!

wind up 2

We’ll be marking this one with the hashtag #windmeup. Tweet, instagram, blog, whatever makes you happy. Also, read (or listen). But then you knew that.

So come on…don’t make Belle and I read this alone! Actually, think of Belle…don’t make her read this book with just me as company. She deserves better. Wait, maybe that should be the hashtag…#doitforbelle.



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8 responses to “And now…for another readalong

  1. LOL I love your exclamation marks!!! And you’ll be perfect company for reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicles! I’m SO looking forward to this … but I did read something today that made me a little squirmish about reading it. The Guardian just posted an article called “What Are the Most Disturbing Novels?” and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles is included in the list. I won’t tell you why, since you mentioned not wanting to know any more about it until you start reading it, but here’s the link if you’re curious: So I know now there will definitely be parts I’ll have to skim through! But that means I’ll get through it faster, right?!


  2. litandlife

    Such an interesting book! I would never have had the courage to pick it up if it hadn’t been for a readalong. Hope you convince a lot of people to give it a try – it’s so interesting to get different interpretations of what the hell you just read!


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  4. Crap! On the one hand, I am totally not in the mood for a book that requires interpretation and general discussion to figure out what the hell is happening. On the other hand, Belle says it is listed as one of the most disturbing novels of all time. Seriously, how I can I ignore that?!? I wonder how this one would be as an audiobook…


  5. But I’ve already read it! and I am not a big re-reader type of reader! So, have fun. I like the hashtags.


  6. I did this one last year but it is a great book for discussion! Murakami always is. He is just both smart and weird enough.


  7. Not famailiar with this author but your post piques my interest. I’ll check this book out after the one I have now. Enjoy your readalong!


  8. So? how’s it going? I’m sending a barrage of snail mail, btw. To get you to come back to blogging! miss you here.


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