Hey-ho, let’s go

It’s #gangstercats check-in time!

(Let’s just pretend I posted this on the 15th, instead of leaving it unfinished in the drafts folder, where it languished for an extra week. Bad readalong hostess!!)


So here we are only 15 (now 23) days into #gangstercats (aka the Pet Sematary readalong), and some of us might already have finished the book.


I’m pretty sure if you start Part 2 in the late afternoon/early evening (you know, while it’s still light out and you think you’re safe), you will find that you can’t help yourself, and you’ll just keep reading, and reading, and the WHAMMO. The end. And it’s dark. And maybe time for bed…

HOWEVER. It’s okay! Because we have gangster cats (catucks?) to protect us. Introducing Clementine (Care), Pascow (Jen), Rosie (me), and Tony (Ti):

clementine pascow rosie tony

Despite what some people (Care!) think, these are NOT ducks. They are cats, because last I checked, ducks do not have whiskers. Plus, Amazon called them cats, so hello…they are cats. Specifically gangster cats, all tricked out in their best gangster duds, prepared to fight evil zombie cats that jump out of scary books. Just look at those eyebrows on Pascow…would you want to meet him in on a dark path at midnight, leading to a Pet Sematary? I think not.

Anyone else got a gangster cat to share? I’ve been a little lax in the Twitter/Instagram/blog reading, so let me know if I missed your introduction of your gangster cat.

And speaking of blogs, I do believe Care and Ti have posted their thoughts (off to go catch up with that in a sec). I’ll do a proper link up next month, but has anyone else posted about the book yet? I know Jen was the first to finish, along with Ti. For those of you who think you’re behind…YOU’RE NOT! I’m not going to do a final post until April 15th, so you have plenty of time! Heck, I’m not even going to post what I thought about the book until next month, although I should start working on a draft, so I don’t forget what I want to say! Because…lots to say about this one!!

I will say I never did have to put the book in the freezer, although I did keep the cover turned face down at all times, because I just couldn’t stand to look at a maniacal looking Church…until Rosie came up with this brilliant tactic…



So how are the rest of you handling this one??



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10 responses to “Hey-ho, let’s go

  1. Ti

    The idea of the story is more frightening than what happened in it. IMO. I love the catucks. Really added to the fun. I still don’t know how I finished so early as I was so behind.


  2. I am done! Here is my post: http://thefridayfriends.blogspot.com/2015/03/pet-sematary.html
    It was creepy and I’m glad I found your read-along, Otherwise I wouldn’t have read it for years! And I love SK.


  3. PS since I was too late (and probably too old) to have a gangster cat, I had to use my real cat, who looks like the cat on the cover of my copy of Pet Semetary. (whew…that was one long sentence)


  4. I’m about two thirds of the way through – and yes, I was feeling behind! So now I’m feeling much better about my progress. I’m liking this slower pace. It really amps up the anticipation. Since I’m reading this in my ereader, I don’t have the cover problem, thank goodness. Every time I read a Church bit, though, I look at my two cats and have to resist the urge to reach out to pet them to make sure they feel normal. And don’t smell.

    I have plans for my cat (catuck). Big plans.

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  5. I just today read the Introduction (I had only read the first paragraph way back in February) and was quite taken by surprise by how much he ‘borrowed’ from real life! yikes.


    • I think this is what scared me the most…because he “borrowed” so much from real life. The whole story is written in such a way that it is way too easy to replace Louis with Uncle Stevie.


  6. This looks like so much fun, and I kind of love the catucks, except that I find the book in question terrifying enough from the cover alone and have no intention of ever reading it, ever ever. EVER. So my proposal is that more readalongs with hashtags and physical accessories happen but that they focus on less terrifying books 🙂


  7. I really liked this book. It isn’t my favorite King book of all time, but I definitely finished the novel way more disturbed than I thought I would be. On to the next readalong!! #miserylovescompany


  8. I have actually finished the book! Early for once for me, for a readalong. I just need to write up and post a review. 😀


  9. I finished awhile ago but haven’t posted about it yet. Thanks for the reminder?


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