Of Things Gone Astray

While The Martian is my favorite book so far of the year, Of Things Gone Astray has my favorite cover. Look at this beauty:

things gone astrayLucky for the cover (and me), the book is just as gorgeous. The book features people who have lost things. But not typical things, like keys or glasses. There is a lost living room wall, lost piano keys, a lost love, and a lost sense of direction. There is also a boy who has lost his mother and who is losing his father (in different ways). And a young woman who is turning into a tree. The book is both whimsical and touching. You should read it (after you read The Martian, though).



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5 responses to “Of Things Gone Astray

  1. I adore that cover too so I’m glad to know the book is good.


  2. Beautiful cover! I’ve put it on my “check library again later” list, as my library doesn’t have it yet. And yes – anyone who hasn’t read The Martian yet, do read it! I loved that book.


  3. Wow! That IS a gorgeous cover!


  4. That IS a beautiful cover! Glad to hear that the book is too. I will have to look for it.


  5. Wow, what a cover! Best I’ve seen in a long time.


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