Are you ready to rumble?


Tomorrow is March 1st, which means it’s time to start reading Pet Sematary! Who’s in? Oh come on, you know you want to. After all, this is the book that even Uncle Stevie considers scary (or so the story goes).

I haven’t started it yet (tomorrow!), but I gotta say, the cover has already freaked me the hell out. It’s the one with the screeching black cat and green lettering (hence the colors in the buttons). And okay, my book doesn’t talk so the cat isn’t really screeching. But if it did talk, I know it would be (screeching, that is). It would probably also come after me with a knife in its paw, but we’re not going to go down that road. Because this is a nightmare-free readalong!

So. Readalong details. If you’ve ever done a readalong with me (and okay, it’s been awhile…you may not believe me, but once upon a time, on a blog far, far away, I really was a book blogger) you know I can get a little silly (clown noses. giant sunglasses. bad songs.). I don’t always get silly, but the scarier the book (or the more boring, I’m equal opportunity like that), the greater the potential for silliness. Unless the book just happens to be The Brothers Karamazov, and then all I’ll do is post snarky comments about how awful the book is and how miserable I am. But that’s not going to happen this time! You know why? BECAUSE UNCLE STEVIE IS NOT A DEAD RUSSIAN.

Anyhoosie. Scary book! Silliness! This means I have care packages to get us through this. Except I wasn’t planning for a huge turnout (or any kind of turnout, really), so I’ve really only got care packages for those who pre-registered (hah, that sounds all official-like). This is the group who publicly proclaimed their intent to join on my original instagram post:

I do have 1 more care package. It’s free to the first additional person who comments that they’re joining the madness. If you are in the original gang of 11, please email me your address (unless your name is Care…not that Care can’t email me, but I practically have her addie memorized, because FYI, she’s the best pen-pal ever), so I can get your care package in the mail ASAP (or whenever I get to the post office). Email is somewhereinabook, gmail, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure you can figure that out, yeah?

Further details:

  • instagram and twitter hashtag: #gangstercats (hey, I was trying to keep it short and silly). Most of you know that I am usually on instagram (@jilllora), and I will do my best to keep up on twitter (@JilleeBeene), but you’ll have to cut me a little twitter slack since I haven’t been on in 2 years.
  • read at your own pace, post/tweet/instagram/scream whenever you feel like it
  • I’ll put up a check in post at the end of March and again on April 15th. And if you’ve posted thoughts on your blog, I’ll link to everyone’s posts later in April (just in case you’re a slacker poster like me, I’m giving you some time to get that post written).
  • the care packages will have instructions for a group activity. I’d love it if you participated, but no need to stress over it, so it’s all good if you don’t want to play along. And if you missed out on the care package and still want to participate, I will explain more later (later meaning another post, not later in this post, which is quickly turning into a novella).
  • if anyone wants to watch the movie instead of read the book, more power to you. You’re still welcome to join us…I’d love to know how cheesy the movie is! Bonus points (but no kitty treats) if you read AND watch.

I think that about covers it. Leave me a comment if you want to join the fun, send me an email if you’re listed above so I know where to send the care package, holler if you have any questions, instagram as the mood strikes, talk smack about the book (or me) on twitter to see if I’m listening, and GO READ!




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22 responses to “Are you ready to rumble?

  1. I’m going to have to agree with Uncle Stevie on this one. As much as I love his books, they don’t generally creep me out that much. This is one of the few exceptions. (Though his reasons for it scaring him are far more personal than mine.) And lol, about Twitter–I’m in the same boat. My iPod is on the fritz so I haven’t been on Instagram the last several days (really need to get it out and see if it’s decided to behave itself yet), but there was all this Twitter chatter in my email box the other day about the readalong that I figured I’d better dust off my Twitter account. Okay, off to email you my address–though I suspect you still have it as I just got a card from you last week, but you might think you’ve got the wrong address because I *still* haven’t gotten around to writing back. BUT I PROMISE I WILL! Really! And Care, same goes for you, if you happen to read this (and well, even if you don’t read this). Btw, wish the library copy of the book I have was the same as yours–I strongly despise the cover on this one–it is just butt ugly.


  2. I’m too much of a chicken to join in.


  3. In! Ready! Let’s do this. Share if you find any pie references!


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  5. I’m thinking of joining but I am a scaredy cat. 😉 Maybe I will.

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  6. I read Uncle Stevie’s comments on it already and the first paragraph. I’m definitely ready to rumble!


  7. I am so ready I thought TODAY was March 1. I dived in this afternoon, all gung ho, and was wondering where all the #gangstercats chat was … and then realized, oh, right. It’s still February today (guess the month just wasn’t short enough for me!). But come tomorrow, I will be even more ready, since I will be armed with the right date.


  8. So ready! Except I’ve got to finish up my current read (which is also on my ereader otherwise I’d totally cheat on it). Huzzah!


  9. I love this hashtag. I can’t wait to follow along (even though I am too much if a wimp to participate).


  10. I got dragged into this. Not against my WILL or anything but… I can’t start it until next weekend, because I’m deep in Harry Potter territory and I’m also a huge wuss who can only read Stephen King in broad daylight. Otherwise the book will end up in the freezer. But. Bring on the #gangstercats


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  12. I have started reading tonight and now can’t stop. 🙂
    You are so sweet with the care packages. Will email my address out to you pronto. 🙂


  13. I’m organizing King’s March along with Rory from So awesome to know you’re also encouraging people to read King. I’m going to include the link to this giveaway in my link-up post, because I’d love for more people to join you. Maybe you can also post something about our event on your blog/socialmedia? AND If you upload your link in the Mr Linky, you’ll get an entry for our King giveaway. 😀


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  18. I know I am very late to the game, but I’m going to read Pet Semetary along with you. Or at least before April 15th. (That’s the deadline, right?) I love SK’s books, but I haven’t read that many.


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