The Martian

martian   marvin

OMG people…THIS BOOK. I love, love, love, love, love, love (times 77 bajillion) this book.

Mostly because of this:

I’m pretty much fucked.

That’s my considered opinion.


That’s the opening three sentences, and it just continues like that. Despite dealing with a potentially serious subject (stranded on Mars…yikes!) and lots of science (just how does one get to Mars, anyways??), this did not feel like a serious slog of a read. Our narrator has such a casual delivery, and a great sense of humor, and also a potty mouth (sometimes it was like listening to myself! (which might not be something to be proud of, but whatever)), that this book was a breeze to read…I didn’t want to put it down, and then I didn’t want it to end.

This is going to be the book that I push on people all year long. I already took it to work, read the first three lines to my co-workers (consensus: it was like listening to ourselves! (see…I told you!)), and then pretty much forced it on Anthony. If he doesn’t like it, I might just disown him. (I already made him read The Strange Library* though, and he’s still talking to me, so I have high hopes.)

*I’m wondering how many books I can convince him and Chenoa to read before they catch on to the fact that I’m trying to make our unit into a mini-book club.



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13 responses to “The Martian

  1. So you liked it? At least a little bit? 😛 Okay, so you totally get the win for this one…even though everyone and their dog has loved this one, no one convinced me I needed to read it until now. Sharing those first three lines didn’t hurt.


  2. I loved it too and “forced” it upon Jim, who loved it. It’s one of those books one feels obliged to force upon people.


  3. A friend of mine lent me this at least a year ago and it’s lingering on my night stand – for some reason, I haven’t felt compelled to pick it up.


  4. And I like the casting. Tons of stars gonna be in the flick!


  5. I told you!!! One of my favorite books ever. I’m not so sure about the movie. I think Matt Damon is the wrong choice personally. But those opening lines! Boobs! That’s what she said! Love every minute of it.


  6. Heather

    Woo hoo!! Too fucking right! I loved that first bit too. It really hooked me.


  7. I loved this one so much! And it kind of took me by surprise, because if I’d gone just by the synopsis alone, it wasn’t really the type of book I’d pick up. I like science fiction, but I’ve never been that fond of man-against-nature themes. Thankfully, I am a complete wimp when it comes to peer pressure, and gave in when I saw how much other people loved it. I listened to the audiobook, which was just so good. It was the kind of book where I’d laugh out loud at times, and sometimes talked to the book, rather loudly (usually along the lines of “oh, no! now what?!”).


  8. I loved this one too! It’s just so delightful and hilarious and hard to put down. All that science and yet so unputdownable!

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  9. It opens with my favorite F-word? Ok you’ve officially sold me on it.


  10. Wait! Who’s Anthony. Have I missed some important news?


    • Oh, and about the book. We listened to this on a roadtrip last year and after that opening promptly decided that we had to wait until the kiddos were asleep before we could listen again. Because even though it sounded like hearing ME talk, it isn’t how I talk in front of the littles. That would sound like this: “I’m pretty much fridged. That’s my considered opinion. FRIDGED.” Consequently I fell asleep in the middle of the book and didn’t re-listen, but still heartily enjoyed it anyway.


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