Why is it so easy to stop blogging? Why??? I did great in January, and then February rolled into town and eeerrrrrrr (that’s supposed to be a screeching sound, like tires…how would you type that, anyways??).

So here it is February 18th, and I realized that the month will be over in 10 days. TEN!! (edited to say…9! I meant NINE!! I really thought it was still the 18th today and not the 19th, which is just further proof of how the month is disappearing at an alarming rate.) And I’ve got a readalong to sort out.

Quick and dirty details…

You. Me. And you. And you. And you, too. We’re reading Pet Sematary starting March 1st. Join us!! You know you want to. It’s supposed to be the book that Uncle Stevie considers his scariest. My original plan was to start on Valentine’s Day and use the hashtag #PSILoveYou (get it? Pet Sematary? PS? Scary? Love? Irony?). But obviously, I dropped the ball on that. So now the hashtag is #gangstercats, because I need humor to get through a scary book. And there is a line in the book that cats are like gangsters. And googling gangster cats will make you laugh. Googling Pet Sematary might just make you scream. Don’t do it. This, however…

wrong hood

Or maybe it’s just me that is amused by cats dropping the f bomb?

Anyhoosie…I have thoughts on care packages for those of you willing to spend March 1-April 15 with me and Pet Sematary. More details and a real post coming soon (pinkie swear!).

In other news, I have read a few books in February, including 1Q84 (and shit, fuck, damn, but that was one long-ass book), The Strange Library (it might just make you feel for libraries what Jaws made you feel for the ocean), We Are Pirates (ahoy!), and On the Map. I am reading the hell out of my Winter of 2015 Reading List. More on the books at some point (at some point likely being March at this rate).

And finally, I will leave you with a quote. From me. Said at work (work being the here I reference in the quote), as my co-worker and I were discussing her One Word (patience) and my Wanna Be (remember that whole vow to be more kind?).

“I’d be a lot better at this kindness crap if I wasn’t here.”




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8 responses to “Yo

  1. litandlife

    I feel those cats should be snapping their “fingers” as the soundtrack to West Side Story rolls in the background.


  2. My cats are watching me right now. But I think they’re more like “Look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. You will get up and feed me. Feed me.”

    I am in for the readalong!


  3. Blogging is a lot of work! Just do what you can!


  4. Ti

    Are you becoming a Murakami fan?? If you want ore cats to add to the mix Kafka on the Shore has lots but most of them are dead.

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  5. I’m behind on my blogging as well!


  6. Yay! And it’s been fun to say to the dogs, “gangsta cats” because they look around for kitties.


  7. I totally believe cats are gangsters. I just have Hannah, but there are times when I swear she’s looking at me and thinking about how she could off me and stuff have someone around to feed her regularly. I’d be scared of a gang of cats. And of Pet Sematary (won’t be joining you reading, but will be curious what you think)!


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