Let’s discuss, shall we?* (**)

I was thinking it’s been a fairly quiet month, mostly because I managed to read a shit ton of books. I even blogged about (almost) all of them. This means that I am kicking butt on both my Winter of 2015 Reading List (I’m 1/2 way through it) and at least one of my non-resolutions.

Speaking of those resolutions…I said I was going to DO more:

  • reading
  • blogging
  • cooking
  • running
  • adventuring

And BE more:

  • kind

Reading…check. Blogging…check. Cooking…check. Running…check. Adventuring…sort of check. Kindness????? Hahahahahahahahaha. Ha.

So as previously mentioned, I read a shit ton of books in January. If shit ton is defined as 13. The best of the bunch would be Boys In the Boat. It. Was. Awesome. Which is weird seeing’s how it was about rowing. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series was also a highly entertaining diversion. Across Many Mountains was probably the most disappointing of the shit ton, and I have yet to write a post about it.

On the blogging front, I posted just about every other day. Mostly because I read a lot, so I had fodder. I am currently 1/100,000 the way through 1Q84 though, so I am thinking February will be lacking in fodder. Uh-oh. Quick…where are all of the short books?

I’ve cooked lots of stuff! I should be writing posts about that, but 1/2 the time I wing it when it comes to recipes, so I can’t really post about them. I will say though, that King Arthur Flour recipes are almost always a win (although the cappuccino cake was a little disappointing as a cake…but it did make a most excellent breakfast bread, albeit likely not the healthiest). On the non-King Arthur front, I’ve made lemon garlic pasta (a little dry, but still tasty) and baked chicken topped with hummus (also dry but tasty). I’ve also made granola, a kick-ass coffee cake, waffles, and some pretty good rice, as well. Yes, I like carbs…wanna make something of it?

All this cooking means I need to keep running. And the past two weeks have been pretty good. I need to step up my game though, because I have agreed to do this (it’s a Ragnar Relay, in case you don’t want to click on the link…has anyone ever done one?). At least I have a solid 8 months to train, because I need to improve my time and somehow figure out how I’m going to run 3 times in less than 36 hours without passing out on the side of the road. However, I should confess to calling dibs on the easiest leg, so my parts of the relay are 2.7 miles, 6.5 miles, and 3.10 miles. I can do this. Right?? Oh, and the race ends in Napa. I think we’re doing this just so we can go wine tasting afterwards.

2015 may be a quiet year for adventuring (well, except for the Ragnar). I still really want to go to New Orleans, but I’m thinking this will be the 2016 adventure, since I want to go in either March or April, and that’s coming up way too soon for a 2015 trip. And my brother (!) wants to do another trip. I think the trip we took to Washington D.C. last May infected him with the travel bug. I also think the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone would be a good family trip (mom, brother and me), but I don’t want to go during the summer, and I’m not sure I can pull that off by September of this year. We’ll see…

Oh…but I am going to a concert in a few weeks. To see the Avett Brothers. Woot! They’re playing in Santa Barbara, so it also gives me an excuse to spend some quality time at Chaucer’s Bookstore. And maybe a trip to Anthropologie, because I love their funky tops. Can I count shopping as adventuring? No? Oh well, at least the concert (followed by the mandatory stop at Chaucer’s) will get me out-of-town overnight. So…mini-adventure.

And finally, my nemesis…being more kind. I’m going backwards on this one, people. Like backwards in double-time. We are DROWNING at work, so my day is spent working furiously on Help Desk issues and data reports and then bitching to my co-workers (who are also drowning with me, so we have bitchfests every few hours) about some of the idiotic (and if you think that’s harsh, we usually say fuckin’ idiotic, because we are that stressed) things people have been asking us or that the systems are or are not doing (I have been known to tell one of the computer systems that it has its head up its ass…it’s pretty much become my daily insult…and yes, I am aware that I am insulting a computer system. To be fair, I insult the designers of the system as well, wherever they may be. I’m pretty much an equal opportunity bitch.). And then I practice deep-breathing, remind myself to be more kind, laugh semi-hysterically, say that I love my job (because I really, really do, even if it’s crazy at the moment) say a few (okay, more than a few) bad words, brew another cup of coffee (we should seriously seek sponsorship from Keurig, we are all that addicted), or, if it’s the afternoon, eat some chocolate and tell myself that chocolate covered almonds or pretzels are NOT candy, so I’m being sort of healthy, especially since it’s dark chocolate (I can rationalize ANYTHING), and repeat. Then I go home and run. While telling myself that maybe the stress will help me to improve my running times in preparation for Ragnar, so work craziness can be a good thing (see, I told you I could rationalize anything).

So maybe it wasn’t that quiet of a month after all, since I managed to make some progress on those non-resolutions (as well as some spectacular non-progress). Hopefully, I’ll keep moving forward (and maybe manage to stop the double-time backwards unkindness) in February.

*Okay, not really discuss…more like I just barfed out a blog post.

** And yes, there are still 3 more days left in the month. It’s close enough to call it a wrap.



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8 responses to “January

  1. I know someone who did Ragnar in 2013, but otherwise I don’t know much about it. They did it with a group of people who were strangers in the beginning, though. I hope you end up talking about the process and the race experience itself!


  2. Ti

    Your definition of kind is interesting. Not cussing at the computer system probably doesn’t count… just sayin’. If you are all dealing with fucking idiots, then maybe a Starbucks run, delivered to your co-workers would be a kind gesture… or maybe sharing your dark chocolate with them. I know, dangerous territory. I am trying to be kind too but the assholes here are pissing me off. I invite them over for coffee and they stab me in the back but yes, I am taking the higher road, right? Yesterday, I thought I was going to murder someone but I didn’t. That was kind of me.


  3. Your month sounds like my month – minus the running and adventuring. We aren’t adventuring all that much while school is in session because, well, we have no time. The summer is pretty much booked too because of the kids’ activities. So, maybe I’ll start adventuring when the kids are in college? Only 8 more years to go!

    As for work, you know things are bad when your boss calls you into his office and recommends that everyone needs to calm the fuck down (my words, not his), that the entire company has a tendency to overreact, and that he would like to steer the department towards bucking that trend. Granted, this was after working a shit ton of hours all month, and now we are facing another month-end. Shit. I try to be Zen. It doesn’t work, but I keep reminding myself.


  4. You know, I think that sometimes having a bitchfest is necessary, and when that’s the case, you ARE being kind. Because you should always be kind to yourself, right? And dark chocolate is most definitely a health food. So you were kind to yourself again. Definitely not a fail.


  5. Happy almost February! Happy fabulous January and all the books you read and non-resolutions accomplished and being aware of KINDNESS? I would say it was quite successful. I did my Jan recap early, too and then I sat down and finished a book in 2 days. Felt good. Great story, too – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.


  6. Beth F

    Dark chocolate and wine are BOTH good for you. Cause I said so. And King Arthur? YES!


  7. litandlife

    I don’t even think work stress should count as backwards progress on your kindness goal. Did you kick fewer dogs? Lift the brakes off of fewer wheelchairs this month? If so, I’d call that progress.


  8. The cooking, the baking…yes…

    I need to move The Boys in the Boat to the top of my TBR pile.


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