Born to Run

Or, it’s full title:

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

born to run

The hidden tribe = the Tarahumara, a very reclusive group who live in the Copper Canyons of Mexico, a place that is almost impossible to get to without a guide, fending off drug runners, and dying of thirst.

Superathletes = those crazy people who like to run races like the Leadville 100. Yes, that 100 refers to miles.

The greatest race = a 50 mile footrace between the Tarahumara and a handful of the aforementioned crazies.

Never seen = because it was organized by a reclusive gringo Indio known as Caballo Blanco (White Horse) and held in Copper Canyon.

This book was fun to read. Mostly because McDougall is a funny guy, although I do wonder if he might have exaggerated parts. Caballo Blanco comes across as borderline crazy, and Jenn Shelton (one of the ultramarathoners) appears to be giving him a run for his money in the sanity department. However, their antics do make for a entertaining read and I’m pretty sure no one was sued in the making of the book. 😀

There’s also quite a bit of info about how and why some people can run ridiculous distances, while some of us just huff and puff our way through a few miles, and others can’t seem to run without getting hurt (according to McDougall, we can blame it all on Nike).

Perhaps the greatest thing I can say about this book is that it was lent to me by my big brother, the non-reader, who read it and liked it…so now I can talk books with my brother!



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7 responses to “Born to Run

  1. I think I’d like this one too! Hooray for having a book to talk about with your brother!


  2. Hmmm…not for me but I can see this being something my husband would enjoy. He’s found a new love of running that I frankly find baffling.


  3. I thought the Born to Run book was about something completely different. Yes, about running, but something else too. I don’t know why I’m mixing up facts, maybe there is another book I am thinking about but can’t remember the name. Anyways, this one sounds fabulous to listen to as an audiobook!


    • I was telling a friend about the book today and she asked if it was the book that started the barefoot running craze. And there are a few chapters in it about barefoot running and how Nike has destroyed our feet…so maybe that?


      • Yeah, I think that’s it! My friends were recommending the book saying it will make you want to run and never, you know, want to be a couch potato. So that’s the impression I kept having in my head.


  4. This sounds like a good read, especially since it’s so cold here and I keep thinking, maybe when it warms up I’ll start running again. Of course, I thought this last year and never ran much at all, so who knows!


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