Winter of 2015 Reading List

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Despite telling myself not to, I did. I made a reading list for this winter. I think I just want to see how spectacularly I’ll fail…the Summer list was a success, the Fall list was barely a passing grade, and so my expectations of myself for Winter are almost non-existent. But still, I felt like making a list. Here it is.

Winter of 2015 Reading List:

  • Bert’s Book – Because I know him and I need to pass this on to the rest of the family. (And okay, that sounds like I’m dreading reading it, but I’m really not, because he’s a family friend and I knew him years before I even knew he had a book (he never mentions it, his wife actually told us about it), and it tells about the years he spent fishing and teaching in Alaska, before he ended up going back to school and then becoming an English professor in Arizona. And despite the fact that Moby Dick is his favorite book, Bert is one of my favorite people to talk to. And it’s not really called Bert’s Book, I just can’t remember the title.)
  • Lisey’s Story – Or, you know, any King book. Because it’s almost guaranteed I’ll read one.
  • Washington and Don Quixote – Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’d say because third time’s the charm, but I know these won’t get finished. I just like to torture myself by keeping them on the list.
  • Irma Voth – Because I always put my current read on the list so I’ll have one success.
  • A Brief History of Time – Because I’m stupid about stuff like this.
  • Across Many Mountains – Because my mom lent it to me and I don’t want it to languish on the shelf. You know how mom guilt is.
  • Boys In the Boat – Because see above. Gah – I think I need to not accept any books from mom for a few months, because I can’t stand the pressure.
  • On the Map – Because I love geography and I can’t believe I forgot this was on the shelf (along with 500 other books).
  • Fiction! – Because this list has too many non-fiction books on it. I will read at least one novel that I already own as of 1/2/2015.
  • A classic! – I’m considering The Winter of Our Discontent, just because I almost typed that instead of Winter of 2015 Reading List.
  • More fiction!! – Because this list still has too many non-fiction books on it. This time let’s make it one chunky novel that I already own as of 1/2/2015.
  • Another classic!! – Because there are some sitting on the shelves. Perhaps Agnes Grey? Then I could say I’ve read all of the Bronte’s (not all of their books, just each of the sisters).

I do believe I am being overly ambitious, especially since I already said I expect to fail. Oh well, if nothing else I’ve at least given myself something to blog about come Spring.



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5 responses to “Winter of 2015 Reading List

  1. I have to laugh, because you picked my least favorite Steinbeck and my least favorite Bronte novel. 😀 FYI, Tenant of Wildfell Hall is longer than Agnes Grey, but far more interesting. Agnes is all about a whiny governess who doesn’t actually need to work and insults everyone throughout the whole book. Blah. Tenant was incredible though.


  2. Yay! I get to not only enjoy your book list, but also get to enjoy the fact that you’re a bigger masochist than I (you know, putting those disgraceful books that let you down previously back on the list 😛 ).
    Oh man, isn’t that Mom guilt the worst? I have a whole box of books under my bed that my mom has lent me. Every once in a while I pull it out and choose some to give back to her unread. They torment me, I tell you. (Thus the reason they are under the bed.) And of course, to make it all worse is the fact that she always immediately reads and returns the books I give to her.


  3. Ha! I agree with what Amanda says about Agnes Grey. I’m a Bronte fan, but I really struggled with that one. I say skip Steinbeck too but I am an avowed Steinbeck hater.

    Good luck with your list! I will definitely be watching to see how well you do!


  4. Beth F

    Good luck! I have Boys in the Boat on my list too.


  5. litandlife

    Love your lists! I can hardly manage the TBR challenge list I make that I have all year to read!


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