The First Book of 2015

This was the first book I started and finished in the new year:

burn this book

Yes, it looks EXACTLY like it’s picture.


It only took me a couple of hours to read. Maybe if I’d spent more time with it, I might have more to say about it. Honestly, I pulled it off of the shelf because 1) it’s been there for awhile and 2) it’s skinny, and sometimes you just need a skinny book to get you going.

Basically, it’s a collection of essays about writing. Particularly, writing in the face of censorship, or as a political statement. But also essays about why writers write. Some were interesting, some I found pretentious. Contributors include Pico Iyer (my favorite), Nadine Gordimer (my least favorite, because good golly, she had some big words and even longer sentences and honestly, my mind was more into listening to The Avett Brothers play on my iPhone, than deciphering her words…note to self: The Avett Brothers and non-fiction might not be the best combo), John Updike, Ed Park (and while I have no idea who this guy is and if he wrote an essay or a very short story, he did make me want to read I Am the Cheese), Francine Prose, and some other people I can’t think off of the top of my head.

While I really enjoyed Pico Iyer (I pretty much always enjoy Pico Iyer, so why haven’t I read more of his books?) and Ed Park, the best thing I can say about this little book is that by the end, I was really ready to dive into some fiction.



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5 responses to “The First Book of 2015

  1. Think of it as your little tiny springboard.

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  2. Beth F

    what kathy said …


  3. Can’t fault a book for inspiring one to read more fiction.


  4. So you really wanted to follow the instructions of the title, eh?


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