Whatever happened with that Fall of 2014 Reading List?

Last year I made a Summer of 2014 Reading List, and I pretty much kicked it’s butt. So I got all cocky and made a Fall of 2014 Reading List. Here’s what happened with that:

The List

  • Drood, Dan Simmons – I finished because of the #droodalong. Evidently, I’m an overachiever for once in my life, because I might possibly be the only one who toughed it out. Thanks a lot, all you slackers.
  • Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes – Still unfinished. I blame it on Drood.
  • Bring Up the Bodies, Hilary Mantel – I both finished it AND returned it to the lendee.
  • The Hare with the Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal – Just like Bring Up the Bodies. So now I don’t have to be embarrassed when I see Judith. Except I still have her husband’s book to read.
  • Brave Companions, David McCullough – Done and forgotten.
  • Children of God, Mary Doria Russell – I’m kinda afraid to actually read it. If you’ve read The Sparrow, you’ll probably understand.
  • On This Day, Nathaniel Bellows – Also done and forgotten. I passed it on to my mom, who is also less than impressed. Sorry, Mom.
  • Washington – Still unfinished. Maybe Washington and Don Quixote could hang out together? Don Quixote would probably get a kick out of that. Not sure about Georgie-Porgie, though.
  • Pet Sematary – I read Bag of Bones, instead. Can I give myself a point for that?
  • State by State – I’ve read through the C’s. I think. Got a long ways to go.
  • Bossypants, Tina Fey – Done and I wish it was forgotten.

So I read 6 of 11 from the list. That’s a passing score, right? (If not, don’t disillusion me about my math skills.) 7 of 11 if you count the fact that I still read a King book, just not the one on the list. Actually, I read TWO King books, so at this rate I might be able to get to 11 of 11 by coming up with other substitutions. Or from extra credit. However, since I didn’t believe in extra credit when I was a teacher, I’m not really sure that’s acceptable.

Part of me is tempted to make a Winter list, just to see if I continue with the downward spiral. But if I did that I’d feel obligated to include Children of God, Washington, and Don Quixote, and I’m really not feeling the love there. I think I’ll go stare at the shelves and see if I can find the love somewhere else.



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11 responses to “Whatever happened with that Fall of 2014 Reading List?

  1. Don Quixote is not in any way worth finishing. I wish I’d quit reading it, but that was back in the days of finish-everything-you-start. Ha. That girl is long gone.


  2. I think you did fantastic! I usually forget about my seasonal list. 😉


  3. At least you made a list – I didn’t even get that far.


  4. litandlife

    I’m kind of afraid of Children of God myself for so many reasons, not the least of which is I’m not sure I’m ready to have my heart torn out again. Or be disappointed that it hasn’t been.


  5. Meh–I think lists are more fun to make than to actually read from. MIGHT be up for Pet Sematary. I also need to read Carrie. No interest in reading Children of God–though she has a book about Doc Holliday that I’m curious to read.


  6. Beth F

    I don’t make list because I pretty much NEVER follow them when it comes to reading … fun to create tho.


  7. I shall grant you that point substitution for Bag of Bones. Since, ya know, I’m *like* a teacher now.


  8. I think you should make a winter list. (I admit this is completely selfish, as I just like to read book lists.) But I don’t think the losers from the last list have any place on the new list. In fact, I think they should be forbidden from making the list. See, you’re looking at it as if *you* succeeded or failed, but really it’s the books. If those books had knocked your socks off, you would have finished them. Maybe they deserve a second chance, but if you give them that, I think it should be a behind the scenes sort of chance; they don’t deserve on the list. If they prove themselves worthy of eventual recognition, hooray for them, hooray for you, and hooray for us (because then you’ll write about them and we’ll get to read it). And yes, this holds true even for the ones you didn’t even start.
    (Okay, I’m really just trying to give you an out in case you really do want to make that winter list. But really my convoluted reasoning makes at least a little sense, doesn’t it?)


  9. Did you ever find the love elsewhere? I would love to see what you put on a winter list. (hint, hint)


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