Well hello there, 2015


Dudes. 2015 is FINALLY here, and it’s entry was pretty anti-climactic. I feel like I’ve been waiting for freakin’ ever to put 2014 behind me, but did I do anything to celebrate the end of the year? No. But then, I never have, so maybe it’s good to leave behind a year that held one heck of a lotta change with no change at all?

Anyhoosie, tonight is the first time it’s really felt like the new year, because although I had New Year’s Day off of work, I worked both the eve of and the day after (not a big fan of holidays falling in the middle of the week, by the way, so the end of 2015 will be awesome if for no other reason than Christmas and New Year’s fall on Fridays, so – SCORE! – automatic three-day weekends). But now it’s the weekend, and a new year, and my family is having our annual post-holiday get together tomorrow (because we don’t do an actual holiday get together), and I’m finally feeling like it’s 2015.

And because of that, I’m ready to think on some not-resolutions. I don’t even want to call them goals, because I’m not a fan of that word, either. Let’s call them wannas. In 2015, I wanna DO more:

  • reading
  • blogging
  • cooking
  • running
  • adventuring

And I wanna BE more:

  • kind

The -ings are pretty self-explanatory. These are all things I already do now (except, okay, the blogging bit is kind of a stretch), but I want to really do in 2015, compared to some half-assed doing in 2014. On the blogging front, I’m considering trying to blog about every book I read, just as a way to get back in the habit.

The be list is short, but it’s the one thing I want to focus on for work. Over the past year I’ve added Help Desk to my work duties. This means people call or send in issues they’re having with the system we use to determine eligibility to our programs (cash aid, food stamps, Medi-Cal, etc). I am 1/4 of the Help Desk and we are all fairly new to the gig. While I like doing it, I’ve found it only increases my natural snarkiness. Which my co-workers say they appreciate, but I need to remember to think more kind thoughts while working on these issues, because my snarkiness tends to bleed into frustration and I’d rather be happy than frustrated. Dammit. (See…there’s the snark.) Today was a mixed bag with this…but at least I was laughing at myself as I failed. And I still managed to end the day with some successes. To be honest, this is going to be an ongoing struggle, and if all I do is keep laughing at myself, it’ll still count as a win.

Looking back at this list, I realize I basically just want to be kick-ass in the coming year.


So I wish all of you a kick-ass year, as well. Let’s say we all be kick-ass together (not that we aren’t already, right?).

kick ass

It’s a movie! A trilogy, no less. Who knew?!?




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8 responses to “Well hello there, 2015

  1. I’m trying to be kinder this year too, and especially less quick to lose my temper! I’ve never been a patient person and I need to work on that!


  2. I’m with you – I’m very happy to see the backside of 2014. Happy New Year!


  3. Gotta say, from the outside looking in, lady, I don’t really see how you could be more kick-ass than you already are! But we never see ourselves as the world does, do we?
    But yeah, so with you on ditching 2014–good riddance!


  4. litandlife

    Kickass is a good goal!


  5. Beth F

    2014 couldn’t have ended fast enough. Whatever 2015 brings, I’m counting on it being better … maybe I could be better too … hummmm.


  6. I’m all about kicking ass! I probably should be kinder as well, but it’s so much fun being a bitch! 😉


  7. I need every iota of kickass that I can muster for 2015. I may come over and borrow some of yours, like a cup of sugar.


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