I hate to say it, but Uncle Stevie let me down.


That’s right, Revival was a disappointment. Here’s why:

  • It was too short. That’s right, I said too short. When it comes to King, I expect door stoppers.
  • It was too tame. That’s right, I also expect creep. This one had NO CREEP. Oh sure, the last 26 pages were freaky (oh my god, were they freaky), but 26 pages does not a horror story make.
  • There was no really good bad guy. You know, like Big Jim Rennie from Under the Dome. God, I loved to hate that man.
  • And there was no Barbie. I want all my good guys to be like Barbie (again…Under the Dome), because yes, I’m still in love with him. Or even Jake (11/22/63) or Stu (The Stand). Jamie was just a little too ho-hum.

And okay, so the last 26 pages were nightmare-worthy, and classic King, in that “what the hell?!?” way that only he can pull off (similar to the weird shit that happens in IT and Under the Dome). BUT. Again, 26 pages? I needed more.

More pages. More horror. More characterization. More King.



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6 responses to “Revival

  1. Ti

    I posted my review yesterday. I agree. It was a letdown to those of us expecting the horror story that he promised. Plus, for a read along, what could be said. There were not quotables or shocking moments really to speak of and I didn’t even think the end touched on horror…not really. It felt like a modern Frankenstein to me.


  2. Oh I love Barbie. I was also a big fan of Rusty (Under the Dome). And Jake. Can’t say I had any crushes in IT–wait, except maybe for the guy who was a chubby kid but ran it all off. Ben.

    Hopefully Bag of Bones gets you!


  3. Yeah, other reviews have said this isn’t his best. Too bad.


  4. You are not the first to be disappointed with this one. Do you think that had expectations been so high purely because of the author, you would have liked it more?


  5. Bag of Bones?! Hub doesn’t want to listen to it on the drive. 😦


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