Readathon the First – October 2014


(Can you tell I’m just a little excited?) I’m not planning on the full 24 hour experience. In fact, I hadn’t even planned to start at hour one (it’s 5am here), but I woke up at 4:30, so here I am. As soon as it’s light out I’ll be off running errands while listening to an audiobook, but I do plan on hunkering down for some serious -thoning this afternoon. At which point I plan to update this post periodically.

Kick-Off Questions

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?  San Luis Obispo, California (It’s halfway between San Francisco and Disneyland, in case you were wondering.)

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Carrie – I’m listening to it, and have about 3 hours left. Prom is just starting.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? I have no snacks! I know!! This is a tragedy. But I’ve been out of town for three weeks and just got home last night. So I will be going grocery shopping soon. Followed by a stop at Trader Joe’s for some snacking goodness. Suggestions?

4) Tell us a little something about yourself! Mayonnaise and tuna are gross. Therefore, tuna fish sandwiches are the work of the devil.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? It’s my first readathon as a reader, as I’ve cheered in the past. Since I’ve got some things to do this morning, and an audiobook, I’m actually looking forward to multitasking my way through this readathon.

1:30 Update

Wow, I can’t believe it’s hour 9 already! Here’s what’s been happening in my world:

Pages read/hours listened: I’ve read 256 pages…the last 117 pages of World War Z and the last 139 pages of Brave Companions (a book of non-fiction essays on lesser known historical figures). And I listened to the last 3 hours and 10 minutes of Carrie. Which means I’ve finished 3 books! Hah. I should see what other unfinished books I have around here, because that makes me feel so accomplished.

Food eaten/drinks drunk: 1 Kind bar and a giant mug of coffee, plus some water at around 5:30. Because there wasn’t much else around. Then a homemade egg mcmuffin thingy (scrambled egg, cheese and ham on a whole wheat muffin…it was quite tasty) and some grapes at 10:30. And then a venti skinny caramel latte. And more water.

Other accomplishments: Various instagram moments, a 2.7 mile run, trips to the dry cleaners, car wash, and grocery store, breakfast cooked, muddy buddies made, and a shower. I feel like the queen of multi-tasking. 😉

Mood: Pretty happy that I got all my errands run while finishing Carrie. But a little queasy/headachy, possibly from the early morning coffee followed by the late morning breakfast. I think I waited too long before getting that protein into my system.

6:10 Update

Pages read after last update: 277 pages, which is all of one book…The Angel of Losses.

Food eaten/drinks drunk: Lunch, which was a banana, some raspberries, cheese and crackers and some wasabi almonds. Plus water. Followed by muddy buddies. And then an early dinner of pasta salad. And more water. And a little bit of Diet Dr. Pepper. And now I’m hungry again, and am about to make a trip to Trader Joe’s, because I’m in the mood for real snacks. And I’m also jealous of other people’s food. ;-b

Other accomplishments: A nap.

Mood: Still slightly headachy, although lunch plus the nap helped. Looking forward to a relaxing evening of reading!



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7 responses to “Readathon the First – October 2014

  1. THANK YOU!! I am so glad to find someone else who thinks that both mayo AND tuna are gross. I also hate eggs. So people who put the three of those things together and then eat them…T_T…it’s one thing I could never eat. Also, I read Carrie for the last readathon and LOVED it! Chex Mix muddy buddies. You totally need some of those for a snack. Buy them or make them, they’re equally as good.


  2. I just told Andi she had the best answer to #4 ever. But you’ve outdone her!!!
    Have fun today, you awesome woman, you!!!


  3. readerbuzz

    I vote for M&Ms. Read a page, eat an M&M. See how you can pace yourself and motivate yourself at the same time?

    If you need a little singing boost as you read along: Here’s Singing My Way Through the Readathon!


  4. You’re back from Trader Joe’s already, but I hope you got the dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They are seriously the most delicious thing in the world. I saw someone else had dark chocolate covered marshmallows, which I am also dying for. I’m also impressed with all the stuff you got done today! I have spent the entire day with my butt in a chair 🙂 Happy readathon!


  5. A nap sounds so good right now. LOL! I’ll likely just head to bed with my glass of wine and pretend like I’m going to read. 😉

    You are totally rocking today!! Lots of reading and doing! Huzzah Audio!


  6. Beth F

    Here I spent the day organizing the two freezers. I’m such a bundle of fun. I did get a little audiobook while knitting done …


  7. litandlife

    Well, you rocked your first readathon! I so should have worked in a nap. And more snacks!


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