The most exciting week EVER (not)

It’s too bad the readathon isn’t this weekend, because here I am, hanging out in a hotel room in Folsom, with nothing to do.

Okay, that’s not really true…but I’m in the mood to indulge my inner hermit and I’ve got a pile of books. And a mini-fridge with snacks, because I just went to Whole Foods (I might already be eating the mac ‘n cheese, though, because after a 52 hour work week, I’m being a glutton. Further proof…I ate a cookie first).

So, Folsom. It’s too bad I don’t have a bike, because there are bike paths galore up here. Other than that, it’s pretty much shopping, shopping, shopping. I am literally right across the street from the Folsom Outlets, and the rest of the town is filled with chain and big box stores. You know it’s ridiculous when there is a World Market and a Pier One right next door to each other. They might even share a wall. The only thing they don’t have is a bookstore. Of course. Actually, there’s a small used bookstore around somewhere, but I’m craving a bookstore with coffee and chairs where I can escape the hotel room for a few hours, because the last thing I need to do is go spend all of my overtime moolah at the shops.

Of course, I could drive somewhere, but it took me almost 6 hours to get here. Just the thought of driving anywhere else makes my butt hurt. Although I am only an hour and a half from Donner Pass, which would be an appropriate place to hang with my copy of Drood (because Drood has a chapter heavy on cannibalism, and well, if you don’t know about Donner Pass, I’ll leave you to the pleasure of googling it). However, I’ve been across (through?) the pass a number of times, and I’ve even stopped there once. I really don’t feel like I need to go back. Same with Old Town Sacramento, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road. So here I sit, in big box land, whining. Because I still have to spend two more weeks here. (I was hoping to escape after 2 weeks, but that’s not gonna happen).

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m here for work, testing changes to our computer system. Other than the fact that, by mid-week, my eyes felt like someone was stabbing them with hot pokers, everything’s been pretty good. The testing is alternately interesting and tedious. If I told you the details I’d bore you. And I might have to kill you, because hello…it’s Social Services and we’re all about the confidentiality. Although I am making up fake cases to test, so it might be okay to tell you that in my fake world (which happens to be Sonoma County, because that’s my test region) they have had a sudden influx of Afghani refugees. Simply because Afghan is the first nationality on the drop down menu and I learned real quick the less scrolling through menus the better.

And then when that fun-filled day is over with, I’m working overtime to keep up with the job back home…remoting in to my work computer to troubleshoot people’s problems/complaints/perceived problems (aka user error) with our existing system. This is not something I have to do, but I volunteered because 1) I don’t want to return to extra work and 2) I might as well get paid for sitting around in a hotel room. This is especially cool when you wake up at 4:30 and can’t fall back asleep.

However, I will not be working at all tomorrow. I do plan on going for a morning run (before it climbs into the 90s, like it has all week…in fact it’s still in the 90s right now, and it’s 6pm. Blech.) and then I might go explore the old Powerhouse (giant transformers might be exciting, right?). I could hunt down the Folsom Prison Museum, but I read that it has pictures of executions, and that’s not really how I want to spend a Saturday. And thanks to google, I just found a Barnes and Noble about 10 miles away. (Why can’t our computer testing be in Portland, so I could go hang out at Powell’s??)

I did finish two books this week…Bossypants and Landline (on audio). And I’m 100 pages into Drood for the #droodlalong, so I’m feeling pretty accomplished on the bookish front. I actually have a list of books to post about, so I can add writing posts to my list of ways to keep me away from shopping this weekend.

And that’s it for my week. I know! Don’t you wish you were me?



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  1. Beth F

    UGH!!! That’s all.


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