Pride and Prejudice (sans Zombies)

Not the version I read...mine was a free ebook with nowhere near as cool of a cover (maybe that was the problem?)

Not the version I read…mine was a free ebook with nowhere near as cool of a cover (maybe that was the problem?)

Finally! It’s taken me FORFREAKINEVER to finish this book. I’ve started and stopped a few times over the years (I even tried to read it side by side with P&P&Zombies, and that was a bust, too) and don’t ask me why, but last month I decided to try again. Something along the lines of gee, my life has changed so dramatically, maybe now I’ll like Jane Austen (this was also around the time I started Don Quixote as well…life changes and classics might not be such a hot idea). And at first I was all “you know, people might be right about Austen being The Shit, because this is kind of amusing” and then Mr. Bennett’s brief cameos got even briefer and suddenly I was all “gawd, this is boring.” BUT. I decided to persevere, because dammit, I was going to finish me an Austen if it was the last thing I did this summer. Okay, not really, but I did want to say I gave her an honest chance and then cross her off of the list. And I am calling it an honest chance, even if I might’ve zoned out towards the end.

So yeah. Read it, still not a fan. And not gonna watch the movies/mini-series (mostly because I have no tv, but also because I don’t find sideburns sexy).

In fact, I much prefer this version (panel 7 is my favorite). I think it does such a great job summarizing everything that there’s no need for me to continue with this post.



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6 responses to “Pride and Prejudice (sans Zombies)

  1. I much prefer the movies to the books, because, you know, it leaves out those boring parts….


  2. I read this right after seeing it in the theater and I think that helped me. I enjoyed it but sure don’t get the obsession with it so many people have.


  3. Beth F

    I still love the book! And I’ve watched all gazillion versions on film.


  4. I tried and tried to read Sense and Sensibility, but lord, I just couldn’t do it. Just figured I was destined to remain a heathen who just didn’t dig Austen. But then after feeling like reprobate for so long because I just couldn’t claim to be an Austen fan, I decided to have a go at Northanger Abbey. Only this time I listened to it–and wouldn’t you know, I actually enjoyed it! I was somewhat in shock, frankly. I rarely do audio books, but for that one it was the perfect medium. And you know, I doubt I’ll ever read another Austen–I think I’ll just go away with the good taste in my mouth after Northanger and leave it at that. It is just so very refreshing to hear that I’m not the only person who isn’t gaga over Ms. Austen. 🙂


  5. Can we agree that Wuthering Heights is SO much better…?


  6. litandlife

    I’ve read them all twice (this one three times) and even I have to admit that I often skim over the descriptions of the scenery and get to the characters.


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