Rosemary and Rue + A Local Habitation

The other day I was thinking that I still haven’t quite gotten back into a reading groove (I’ve been feeling like this for a few years now), but then I sat down and started listing the books I’ve finished this month…

  • Insomnia
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Game
  • Blood of My Blood
  • The Supernatural Enhancements
  • The Scorpio Races
  • Rosemary and Rue
  • A Local Habitation

And then I realized that maybe the reading groove isn’t what’s missing, it’s the blogging groove, because if I don’t blog about the books, I forget I’ve read them and then I feel like I haven’t read anything lately. (And yes, I could just write them down after I finish, but I suck at that even more than I suck at blogging. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started a paper reading log.)

Which kinda sounds like a lead in to a resolution to be a better blogger. But it’s not, because you know…been there, done that. It was just a rambling paragraph about what I’ve read so far in September and a really bad segue into a post about the last two books on the above list, which were the first two I read this month:

Rosemary and Rue and A Local Habitation

Rosemary and RueA Local Habitation

These are the first two books in the October Daye series. October (she actually  goes by Toby) is a half-fae/half-human private investigator, and the series is set in a sort of alternate world that co-exists with the world we know. There are all sorts of fae populating this world, and some of them are good and some of them are bad, and some of them are kind of animal like and some of them are not so animal like (and no, I can’t explain it any better than that).

Rosemary and Rue is the introduction to Toby and her world. Toby is recovering from a long stint as a koi (yes, really, a koi) and trying to re-integrate into a world that has changed quite a bit since her unwilling transformation into a fish (cell phones, anyone?). She’s trying to fly under the fae radar, but ends up getting drug back into that world by sort of getting ensorcelled into investigating the death of a fae noblewoman. It was a fun read, and I enjoyed McGuire’s take on the fae.

A Local Habitation is book two. Currently there are eight books in the series and three more on the way. This one made my brain hurt a bit, since along with the fae I was starting to get used, there was a dryad who is now part of a computer network. And then there’s the requisite death and mayhem and Toby needs to figure out whodunnit. This one wasn’t quite as much fun, due to the aforementioned dryad-computer shit (and there’s much more to it than that).

Overall, this was a good detour into urban fantasy/world of the fae, but after book two I’m not sure that I’ll be venturing any further with Toby.



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2 responses to “Rosemary and Rue + A Local Habitation

  1. Beth F

    I like urban fantasy but I’m not sure about the dryad computer thing.


  2. I haven’t been in a reading groove in forever – I’m so distracted lately.


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