Game + Blood of My Blood

i hunt killers

About a year and a half ago I read I Hunt Killers, the first book in Barry Lyga’s series about Jasper Dent. This is what I posted about it:

It’s about the kid of a serial killer. You’ll want to invite him home for a good meal, but also hide the knives.

Evidently I wasn’t feeling wordy that day. (Actually, that’s not true, as it’s mixed in with my thoughts on a bunch of other books I read on vacation…yes, I read that book while I was on vacation in Hawaii. Go figure.)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was home sick and had just finished Insomnia, and was wondering what else I could read for R.I.P. Luckily, Game was sitting right there because I had checked it out from the library wondering if I would get to it (because, you know, I checked it out along with Insomnia, and that book was HUGE).

So I read it.

And then I found out that the last book in the series had just been released (that never happens to me, I always have to wait so long I end up forgetting what happened in all of the prior books), so I promptly downloaded and read that one, too. (Which is why I am now almost finished with R.I.P.’s Peril the First, instead of the Peril the Third I originally signed up for.)


Anyways, about the books.

I could cheat and say I’m revoking Jazz’z dinner invite, but am still hiding the knives, but I’ll be nice and elaborate a bit.

So now that our young hero Jazz is famous and all, because of his helping the local police catch a serial killer (that was I Hunt Killers), other police people want his help, too. This is the premise of Game. A premise I found totally ludicrous, because, hello…this is a 17 year old kid! Going off to New York City to help the police catch the Hat-Dog Killer (no, he doesn’t kill hats or dogs…just people) and hanging with the NYPD and the FBI? Really?! Not that the premise of the first book wasn’t ridiculous, too, but somehow it worked. I spent most of the first half of book two thinking “ummm…no.” Repeatedly. Until the end, when the action heated up and then I was left with not one, and not two, but THREE cliffhangers. Who does that?? At least the third book was readily available, otherwise there might have been book throwing.

Blood of My Blood finishes up the story of Jazz and his serial killer daddy. And it’s a doozy. I won’t say that all the revelations came as a total surprise (because for once, my suspicions were correct), but it was still a doozy of a story. One that I can’t really say much more about, because if you’re ever going to read it, this is one of those books that it’s better not to know too much about beforehand.

If you’ve read (and liked) I Hunt Killers I’d say Blood of My Blood is totally worth reading, you just have to suffer through Game to get to the good (actually, it’s all horribly bad) stuff. And keep in mind that it’s a YA novel, so there is teenage drama along with the serial killer and whacked family dynamics stuff. It’s a weird mix, and I’m still not a fan of the whole surrogate tattoo business between Jazz and Howie. Also not a big fan of Connie (Jazz’s girlfriend) forcing the New York issue with her parents in book 2. But then, I’m also not the target audience, so to quote some of the target audience: “Whatever.”



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3 responses to “Game + Blood of My Blood

  1. I’m not sure you’ve left me any closer to knowing if I want to the sequels or not. 😛


  2. Beth F

    Not quite sure about this … I might not get past the premise.


  3. Whatever. Ha!!! I’m with Mrs. Beth Fish on this one.


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