Pancake Ramblings

I woke up this morning wanting pancakes. This is not surprising as 1) I love carbs and 2) I love maple syrup and 3) I have a sweet tooth, especially in the morning. Therefore, pancakes are pretty much the perfect breakfast food, in my opinion. (Although, scones and muffins are even more perfecter breakfast foods…but today was feeling more like a pancake day.)

So there I was, considering what type of pancakes to make. I was pretty sure I was out of poppy seeds, therefore the Best Pancakes of All Time were not an option (note to self: never assume you are out of poppy seeds…get up and actually look in the cupboard, because if you had, your tummy would be much happier).

Then I remembered I had bananas, and they were likely approaching Critical Banana-ness (you know, that point when they aren’t good for anything but baking), so I googled whole wheat banana pancakes (whole wheat, of course, because it alleviates the guilt of the maple syrup).

And then I remembered I didn’t have milk, because I only buy milk when I plan on baking, and today was a spontaneous pancake day.

But then I remembered I had a box of almond milk (god only knows why), so I figured I was in business.


Mistake the first: I made the pancakes before I drank the coffee.

Mistake the second: I forgot to add the honey. (This is understandable, right, because who puts honey in pancakes?? (Yeah, okay, you probably do.))

Mistake the third: the heat was too high.

Mistake the fourth: I (as always) made the pancakes too big, which means (as always) one of them fell apart in the flipping process.

The result: Ugly, bland pancakes.

photo (4)

All I can say is, thank god for maple syrup. Because maple syrup can redeem just about any pancake.

And okay, the pancakes weren’t bad. They were just kinda tasteless. They ended up tasting like bananas and maple syrup, which really isn’t that awful of a way to start a Sunday morning. It’s just that Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes would’ve been an awesomer way to start a Sunday morning.




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2 responses to “Pancake Ramblings

  1. Maybe you can have the lemon poppyseed pancakes next Sunday.


  2. I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a “bad” pancake. But oh my god, from the looks of those lemon poppyseed pancakes, I can see why they’d put other pancakes to shame. So must try those!!!


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