I am ready for Fall! Mostly because it’s still in the 80s here and I’m over the heat. So even though it’s still too hot to cuddle under the blankie with a cup of cocoa and a scary book, I’m still going to join the R.I.P. fun. Because I need some bloggy interactions and it’s been eons (aka 5 years) since my last R.I.P.

What is R.I.P. you ask? It’s Carl’s famous reading challenge honoring Autumn! Click here to read all about it.

But! I’m only committing to 1 book. Because 1) I’m out of practice with reading challenges and 2) this is my book:

photo 2 (6)

That picture is deceptive. Perhaps the poppets can help put things in perspective:

photo (2)

Dude. That’s a big ass book.

That’s Don Quixote on top. Granted it has smaller font and thinner paper, so it clocks in with more pages, but we’re still looking at well over 700 pages of potential bad dreams. No wonder the blue and red poppet looks a little worried.

photo (3)

Hold me.

So. Let’s re-cap. This is what I’m doing:


Peril the Third or, the One Book Only option.

I probably should have signed up for Peril the First (4 books), because the urban fantasy series I’m occasionally reading and the follow-up to I Hunt Killers that I checked out along with Insomnia also fit into the R.I.P. theme, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. So here’s hoping I over-achieve and end up reading more than I have planned.

And that I don’t spend the next 8 weeks cowering in the corner with my thumb in my mouth.



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6 responses to “R.I.P. IX

  1. Yep, that’s quite a whopper you picked there! (I haven’t read that one yet…sort of hoping the guy will want to read that with me after we finish Dr. Sleep.)
    And I’m totally a fan of low expectations–if I didn’t set my goals low, I’d live my entire life as a failure. πŸ˜› I went for Peril the First, but that’s because I knew I had a series of graphic novels I wanted to read. And that series of six graphic novels is probably about a quarter the reading that Insomnia is.


  2. My sleep is suffering a bit so I will avoid any book about Insomnia. Best to you and your Perilous adventures!


  3. I just finished my second King book and, man, can he tell a story.


  4. Does your poppet always have that sad tear? I have the same one but she doesn’t look quite so sad. πŸ˜›


  5. I’ve been wanting to leave you a comment for so long, but I was having computer issues both at home and at work. I think it’s all good now. That being said, I’m so glad you’re back. Even though I don’t plan to do RIP, I’m going to read Insomnia with you!


  6. No one’ll mind if you just keep reading more RIP after the one book, right? I wasn’t going to join Peril of the Short Story of Peril on the Screen, but have a feeling I’ll participate in both of those by accident this year. πŸ˜€


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