This past week I…

…went to Farmer’s Market for the first time in years. San Luis has a supposedly world-famous Farmer’s Market. We even have banners all over downtown that say World Famous Farmer’s Market, Evidently, we think highly of ourselves. It can be a zoo, especially when college is in session, because 1) Farmer’s Market is the thing to do on a Thursday night and 2) it’s just a warm-up for the Thursday night parties that follow. (Did I mention I went to college here?) But…I actually went for the produce. Really! I came home with strawberries, white peaches, cauliflower, and date pieces. And I was home by 7:00.

…went to Concerts in the Plaza. Free concerts are held in the Mission Plaza during the summer. I listened to Truth About Seafood for a while and people watched. Basically, it was just an excuse to not stay home on a Friday night. Although, again, I was home by 7:00. Actually, 6:30. I am such a party animal.

photo 2 (1)

the Mission (aka Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa)

…worked 5 8’s instead of 4 10’s, which I do occasionally. It was a Very. Long. Week.

…realized that while my blog header is pretty, it’s depressing the hell out of me and this is my note to myself to change it. (Umm, yeah, it’s changed now.)

…got internet. Yay!

…finished a book. And blogged about it. Yay yay!

…started Don Quixote. Really really. We’ll see if my prior statement will ever become true for the man from La Mancha.

photo 1 (1)

…also started Pride and Prejudice. For, like, the third time. It’s going much better this time. I’m actually finding it funny. And no, I don’t know why I’m suddenly reading the classics.

…went out to lunch with my mom and our friend Judith, who I mentioned in my last post. Thank god she didn’t give me any more books to read. In fact, I managed to off one on her (The Little Friend).

…got everything priced and ready for a garage sale at my mom’s next Saturday. I actually am not a fan of garage sales, but my mom and I are going to try to make some money while off loading a bunch of crap on other people. Actually, crap and oodles of shoes. I had to purge A LOT of shoes and clothes in order to fit in my little apartment. Amazingly, I only came home with one sweater that I regretted putting in the garage sale pile. Of course, I have yet to sort through the shoes…they are all going to dumped in the driveway next weekend with a sign $3/pair. I didn’t feel like individually pricing them all. We’ll see which one’s sneak back into my car while I set up next weekend.

…went for 3 runs and a lot more walks.

…managed to keep myself busy enough that my mind rarely goes places I don’t want it to go.



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7 responses to “This past week I…

  1. Beth F

    Sounds like you are finding a lot to do. I love our farmers markets — and go weekly the 6 months they’re open outside. For some reason I never remember to go to the winter indoor market.


  2. I’m glad you’re staying busy!

    We have Music in the Park in our neighborhood in the summer. Carl and I walked up last night and there was hardly anyone there. The band was good, too.

    I hate all the work associated with a garage sale but I like the money at the end. lol


  3. Oh MAN! I want to shop your shoes!!!


  4. I love what I’ve read of Don Quixote but I’ve never managed to finish the book. I’ll keep trying till I succeed.

    Just found your new blog a couple days ago. Boy, you sure know how to pick yourself up, dust off and move on. I want your resilience! Glad you’re enjoying the changes in your life.


  5. I must have been living under a rock! I am so glad to see you blogging again.


  6. It looks like you have had a very busy, yet pleasant week!! Here’s to hoping you keep finding those lucky pennies along the way too! 😉


  7. I was so not in love with Don Quixote, haha. Also: I can’t wait to go to a farmer’s market! We didn’t have good ones in the south because it was too hot, but now I’m up in the land of farmer’s markets again and there’s one just up the road from me every Tuesday!


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