I have internet! Sorry, but I’m just so excited I could squeal. Did I mention I have no tv? This is by choice, since I’m not a big fan, but the past few days I’ve really been rethinking my internet-less state. Because while I love reading, a home without internet or tv is just a wee bit too disconnected for me. And yeah, I have my smartphone, but the internet on an itty-bitty screen just isn’t the same. Mostly because it makes my eyes feel old.

But last night I met my third neighbor, the one I share a wall with. She came over to say hi and we chatted for a bit and she’s super nice so in a very uncharacteristic move I asked her if 1) she had wi-fi and 2) if she’d be interested in sharing the network and the bill and she was all for it. So whammo, instant internet with no installation fees. Hah!

So now I can post about nothing whenever I feel like it! I know, I know…you’re excited, too.

neighbor wifi




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4 responses to “Joy!

  1. Is it silly of me to totally love the story of your neighbor? Probably because I’m here all alone in this new place and have no friends here, and desperately need to go out and find some, haha! đŸ˜€


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