Random things

~In my newly discovered thriftiness, I am currently internet-less at the apartment. I can connect when I use my phone as a hotspot, but I’m still trying to figure out how much data that really sucks up. I am less than a mile from downtown and free wi-fi at B&N, the library, and Starbucks and I am still exploring 1) how much time this involves (do I walk, do I drive, when do I go, etc) 2) how much money this might involve (I’m trying to avoid the costliness of Starbucks) and 3) just how good the wi-fi actually is (so far Starbucks is kicking B&N’s ass, but I haven’t been to the library yet. Also, the a/c at B&N is kicking my ass.). So while I am blogging (3 posts is blogging, right?!?), I have yet to start visiting you all again.

~I am starting to have moments of sadness. Despite everything, I do miss him on occasion. Until I remember why I had to end it, and then I don’t. Then I do. I try not to dwell on it, but it is happening, and it kinda makes me pissy, which I also don’t want to be.

~There are also moments of holy shit, how did I end up in this new life…it’s only been 3 weeks and I really do feel like I am living an entirely different life. Except for work. Work is still awesome and just there. I love that I can show up and accomplish something and have fun doing it and there is relatively little drama involved.

~Swear to god my downstairs neighbor is Garth, from Wayne’s World, only he’s Garth at 50. If I could figure out how to stealthily videotape him walking and talking I would, just to prove my point. Although I’ve only talked to him once, so it’s possible I’m imagining things.

~I get to travel for work…for 3 weeks! I know, you’re all pretty much thinking grand adventures in San Francisco, or San Diego, or New York, or maybe Vegas? Hah. I get to go to Folsom. That’s right, that Folsom:

folsom prison blues~And on that awesome note, I am officially a popsicle thanks to the frigid temps in B&N. Time to schedule this post and walk home to my blessedly un-air-conditioned home.




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3 responses to “Random things

  1. Of course you have moments of sadness but things will get a little better every day. You are strong!!

    Take a sweater the next time you go to B & N!


  2. We’re having internet issues too. I ought to go to Starbucks down the street to use theirs, but our landlady said we could use hers if we need to until ours is set up, and I’m just doing that, heh.


  3. Beth F

    I can imagine that you have moments of sadness — but each day will indeed get better.


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